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Honesta Screening

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Understanding the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Staying in Compliance

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers, offering customizable packages and unparalleled industry experience.

Background Checks

Drug Testing

Social Media Checks

Assessment Testing

Compliance Solutions & Tools

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Need a customizable background check?

We have you covered.

Why Honesta Screening


Providing reliably accurate background checks and reports.


Standing behind an ironclad data privacy protocol. 


Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


Understanding our clients' success is our success. 

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Exceptional Quality Control

Honesta Screening implements best practices such as Six Sigma, total quality management, and rigorous quality control processes. You can always count on us to give you the most accurate, detailed, and reliable reports out there.

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Customer-Centric Service

Our Motivated & Intuitive Support™ model is designed to offer you high-touch, compassionate service with rapid response times. With dedicated, experienced, and expert-level account support team members, we stand out from transactional vendors.

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Compliance Expertise

We prioritize an expert-level understanding of legal compliance, ethical data privacy protocols, and industry regulations, such as FCRA and state laws. 

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Screening Customization

We can easily cater to your company's unique needs with our customizable packages. Our packages include International checks, C-TPAT programs, industry-specific searches, etc. We're all about flexibility and custom capabilities.

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Comprehensive Drug Testing Options

Our range of substance panels, testing methods, and specimen collections that we offer position Honesta Screening as a one-stop shop fully equipped to tailor cost-effective solutions aligned to client risk tolerance, budgets, and compliance requirements. 

We offer unmatched dedication and personalized service.

Specialized Knowledge

Members of our management team have specialized knowledge in the areas of TQM (total quality management), lean principals production, and six-sigma/continuous improvement methods that lend Honesta and its clients a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to reporting accuracy and reliability. 

Customer Success

At Honesta, we ensure customer care is related to customer success! We are the only screening company that has branded its entire operation and corporate philosophy around it. Motivated & Intuitive Support™ is about your success and total satisfaction.

Highly Secure

Honesta contracts with a nationally recognized professional data hosting company, SunGard, to house our servers and information. SunGard provides Honesta with dedicated, managed servers in a highly secure environment with stand-by power generation, onsite physical security, complete off-site backup services, firewall, virus, and intruder alert protection. 

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Motivated & Intuitive Support™

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Data Security

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